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About Big Tex Race Trailers

Big Tex Race Trailers is the nation’s largest online site for Racing Trailers in North America.  Whether you are looking for a rail car trailer, drag car trailer, dirt car trailer, circle track trailer, or even a classic car trailer, Big Tex Race Trailers has the trailers that you are looking for.  We stock race trailers from Los Angeles to Atlanta in many different brands and sizes.  The great thing about Big Tex Race Trailers is that with our multiple locations, we are sure to have a trailer that fits your needs at one of our ten race trailer locations.  We stock race trailers from 20’ to 48’ in length with thousands of options available on them.

Big Tex Corporate OfficeThe Big Tex Race Trailers team not only sells race trailers, we use them every week.  We have over 500 years of racing and racing trailer experience.  We know what you are looking for in a race trailer as much as you do.  You see, we have invested the blood, sweat, and tears in racing just like you.  We know how hot those tracks are on the summer nights.  We have been in the pits with you!  We understand that you need cabinet space for your race trailer, a winch to pull your race car in the trailer after a tough night on the track, and we understand how aggravating it is when the trailer is too high and you cannot load the trailer in the rear.  Every weekend, we use rail car trailers, drag car trailers, dirt car trailers, circle track trailers, and even have a stable of classic car trailers that we use when going out to the shows. Our trailers are designed with US in mind, making sure that you don’t have to regret buying a trailer, but use it as a complement to your racing hobby.  After all, we wouldn’t want our customers using trailers that aren’t good enough for us to take to the track.

The most impressive part of Big Tex Race Trailers is the fact that we don’t just sell the next cheap race trailer, we sell the finest brands in the country that stand behind what they build each and every day.  We focus on offering quality trailers at a fair price…from coast to coast.

Quality-Big Tex Race Trailers sells trailers from companies like Pace American Trailers, Look Trailers, Haulmark Trailers, Wells Cargo Trailers, Cargo Mate Trailers, Continental Cargo Trailers, and More.  These companies know race trailers and build the finest in products from frames to cabinets and awnings.  Our brands will perform on the road and won’t leave you stranded in a pit trying to figure out how you will make it to your next race.  These companies all have a written warranty, manufacturing insurance, and use the best components in the business to make you a good looking operation at your next race.

Value-That’s right, it’s not just a slogan…it’s the way we do it.  Put us to the test.  Our volume, inventory, and knowledge of racing trailers allows us to be able to say that.   We stock the finest brands including Pace American Trailers, Look Trailers, Haulmark Trailers, Wells Cargo Trailers, Cargo Mate Trailers, Continental Cargo Trailers, and More.  With over 100 race trailers in stock across North America, we have many sizes optioned out like you want to be able to work efficiently at your next race.  We also offer financing on anything that we sell.  We offer so much more than a trailer and a price, we offer the knowledge of trailers to be able to show you that our trailers are optioned well and competitive in any region of the country…because were in many regions of the country.

Coast to Coast-That’s right, were coast to coast, literally.  We stock the nation’s largest inventory of race trailers from Atlanta to Los Angeles.  With over thirty locations in North America, we have the pick up points that nobody else in the business has.  We’re not going to send you to the middle of nowhere to some plant to pick a trailer up, we have it in stock!  Were also not going to claim we have an inventory in some state that we have never been too. We know what it takes to be more than a dealer, we want to develop a relationship so that when you have an issue with your trailer, you don’t feel guilty calling for help.  Were close by to offer the support and assistance that you need to get through challenges…because we know they happen.

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